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As a lifelong intuitive, I have always been acutely aware of the inner emotions and needs of others.  As a child, I assumed that everyone operated from the same deep level of awareness.  It was not until adulthood that I realized that my insights were unique, giving me enhanced awareness and natural healing ability. 

After experiencing a series of personal losses, I attended a metaphysical workshop, looking for answers about the afterlife.  It was there that I experienced my first tangible spirit communication, receiving verifiable information previously unknown to me from a source outside myself.  Stunned and intrigued, I embarked on a quest to better understand my intuitive ability and to learn how to use it to provide healing to others.

I initially applied my intuitive skills to over two decades of legal practice. I combined my psychology education and legal training with my innate understanding of others to assist clients in resolving disputes and improving business relationships.  I have coached business executives to resolve workplace conflicts, facilitate improved communication with colleagues and staff, and develop and pursue their personal and professional goals. 

Today, I teach individual clients to access their own intuitive nature, looking to their own souls for guidance as well as to the spirit world for support. I provide intuitive coaching to assist clients in moving toward their true life purpose, identifying life patterns and personal "stories" that impact their life experiences.  I also conduct psychic readings for clients to facilitate a deeper understanding of themselves, as well as mediumship readings to connect clients with their family and friends in spirit.  I am dedicated to assisting others with a wide range of emotional and spiritual transitions, guiding others to lead their most productive and fulfilling lives.  

I also have extensive experience as a professional speaker, having conducted hundreds of seminars for a variety of business and professional groups. I taught transcendental meditation as an assistant teacher in Hawaii, and legal courses as an adjunct law professor in California.  Today, I serve as an inspirational speaker, conducting presentations and workshops on a variety of spiritual and personal development topics.

I have pursued wide-ranging education in interpersonal development and the spiritual sciences, working with internationally-known tutors from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the psychic sciences in England, as well as intuitive coaches and psychic mediums throughout the United States. I have participated in multiple advanced mentorships and progressive training programs on mediumship, psychic and soul connections and spiritual teaching.  I am experienced in personal development tools and processes, and am a WCIT in Martha Beck's Wayfinder life coach training program. I earned my Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Hawaii, and my Juris Doctor from the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii. 



Karen Gabler



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