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How do I book a session with you?

If you would like to schedule an intuitive coaching session, mediumship or psychic/soul reading with me, please click the "request a session" link located below each service described in the "Work With Karen" page on this site.  If you have questions about what type of session is right for you, please complete the contact form on the "Contact" page of this website, or send an email to

How will my session be conducted?

Coaching and reading sessions can be conducted by telephone, Zoom, Skype or Facebook.  Limited in-person sessions may be available depending upon location. There is no difference between in-person and remote sessions; intuitive communication has no physical boundaries.

How should I prepare for my session?

Before your coaching or reading session, spend a few moments considering the questions you may have about your own life or about your loved ones in spirit.  Writing those questions can help to clarify your thoughts and to set your intention for the session.  Being specific is key. For example, "what is the next step I should take to move toward my goal of changing careers?" is a more productive question than "will I succeed?" You may find that your questions have been answered during the session without even having to ask them out loud -- although, not always in the manner you might have expected!  

Immediately prior to the session, give yourself five or ten minutes to sit quietly.  Take several deep breaths to calm your mind and open your heart.  Find a comfortable location without distractions.  Keep a glass of water nearby.  

For a mediumship reading, openly invite your loved ones in spirit to join you in the session.  It may be useful to jot down the names of family members and friends who have passed, for quick reference during the reading.  Remember that spirit communicators may include not only your immediate family and closest friends, but also unexpected people from your past, such as teachers, classmates, work colleagues or past loves. 

What happens during a session?

Your session will begin with an introduction to explain the details of how we will work together, depending upon the type and purpose of the session.  During your session, have a notepad and pen with you to jot down any notes, names, suggestions or questions that may come up.  Remain open to the information provided to you; some information may become more clear to you in the days following your session. 

Your session may be recorded, with your permission.  You may request a copy of any available recording, but the format, quality and availability of recordings cannot be guaranteed.  You are welcome to record your session for your own private use as well.  Session recordings may not be distributed or published.

What is an "intuitive coach"?

A coach is not someone who merely demands that you set and achieve your life goals and then cheers you on while you do so.  A coach also should not tell you what to do.  Instead, your intuitive coach should be a mirror for you.  An intuitive coach helps you to know and do what you came here knowing how to do, but have forgotten along the way.  An intuitive coach helps you to connect with your own soul:  to bring your innate needs, desires and purpose to the surface, and clear away anything that limits you in doing so.  As Lao Tzu said, "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

What is the difference between intuitive coaching and mediumship/psychic readings?

Intuitive coaching is an interactive guidance process.  We work on issues of concern to you, and the session is tailored to your specific needs and questions.  Your feedback and insights are an important part of the process.  I will ask you to share your thoughts with me, and I will share intuitive information with you throughout the session.  I will also provide you with tools to clear the limiting beliefs and stumbling blocks that hold you back from your best self.  

In mediumship/psychic readings, I connect intuitively with you and/or your loved ones in spirit and provide you with the detailed information and messages received from these connections.  I will ask you to keep an open mind and heart to receive the information provided to you.  You will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session, but the main purpose of a mediumship or psychic reading is to provide information to you, to enhance your understanding of your own soul or to share messages of love and healing from your friends, family and guides in the spirit world.

What is the difference between mediumship and psychic readings?

In a psychic reading, I connect intuitively with you to answer your questions about relationships, work, health, family, money and other aspects of your life.  I am not a mind reader or a fortune teller!  I receive intuitive information about questions or areas of concern for you, and convey messages your inner self wants you to hear about how to address those issues.  Your soul already contains everything you need to know, and all the answers are within you.  A psychic reading connects you with those answers, to provide you with a better understanding of who you are and guidance on how to move forward in your life.

In a mediumship reading, I connect intuitively with your loved ones and guides in spirit.  A medium serves as a translator between the spirit world and the earth world.  Your loved ones remain with you after their transition, and they want you to feel their energetic presence.  They will share information about past memories or personality details, and provide messages about their continued love and support for you.  Spirit communicators also may express apologies for past conflicts, or provide clarity about their own life lessons and continued evolution. Connection with particular spirit communicators cannot be guaranteed, but setting your intention prior to the reading and inviting your loved ones to the session can help them to come forward. 

How do you connect with spirit?

We are surrounded by spirit energies all the time; they are always with us!  When I connect with spirit, I open my intuitive abilities to feel their presence and receive information from them, so I can provide it to you on their behalf. Spirit communication may come through subjective or objective hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling or innate knowing of what they would like to convey.  For instance, I might see a picture in my mind's eye of a boat on a lake, feel the breeze and the motion of the water, and sense a fishing pole in my hand when I am communicating with a spirit relative who used to take you fishing.  I may hear words or phrases in my mind that are meaningful to you.  I may simply "know" that there is a special event coming up in the family, just as you know it, even though I'm not a member of your family.  The intensity of the connection is influenced by a variety of factors, and every contact is different.

In a mediumship or psychic session, do I have to tell you my questions or name the spirits I want to hear from?

No!  In fact, it's best that you not do so.  During a psychic session, I may ask for your validation to provide clarity or to move the session forward.  During a mediumship session, I will ask that you confirm whether the information I am conveying to you is accurate, so that I can ask the spirit communicator to help me if I have misinterpreted the information I received.  Otherwise, it is important that you remain open to receive the information, without providing factual information to me in advance.  This will help you to be confident that the information came from the spirit communicator, rather than from you or me.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions toward the end of the reading, after I have conveyed the information naturally received from the communicator.


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