Karen offers intuitive coaching, mediumship readings and psychic/soul readings to serve your needs.  

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Intuitive Coaching

Interactive Guidance On Your Path

Feeling stuck? Wondering why you aren't reaching your goals? Looking for a better understanding of how to step fully into your power, so you can achieve the life truly meant for you? 

In an intuitive coaching session, I work interactively with you to help you recognize and resolve any limiting beliefs that hold you in the same patterns. Together, we will identify your dreams and goals, and implement tools to overcome any stumbling blocks. We will establish concrete action steps to help you release old patterns and gain a stronger understanding of your true nature, so you can move forward on your desired life path.

Coaching sessions are tailored to address your specific needs. Your interactive feedback is welcome, and questions are encouraged throughout the session. Intuitive coaching is offered in single one-hour sessions to address short-term issues, or in multi-session packages to provide deeper healing and ongoing support and guidance.

Psychic/Soul Reading

Explore Your Soul

Your soul came to earth with full knowledge of your innate gifts and your life's purpose; it knows whether you are going in the right direction. The answers to all of our questions are already within us. We also have spirit guides who assist us throughout our lives: while they will not interfere in our path, they are there to provide guidance and to help us achieve our life goals.

In a psychic/soul reading, I connect with you on an intuitive level, accessing your inner wisdom to provide guidance about your past and present life choices and giving you a deeper understanding of your soul's true desire and purpose. Your guides also may convey information and messages to you, to serve as a compass on your path.  

Psychic/soul readings are offered in sessions of 30 or 60 minutes. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions, although you will often find that many of your questions have been answered during the reading.

Mediumship Readings

Connect With Your Loved Ones

Our loved ones in spirit are always around us, and they want us to know that they are still here with us. A medium acts as a translator between the spirit world and the earth world, allowing your loved ones to make their presence more accessible to you. 

During a mediumship reading, I will communicate with your family and friends who have transitioned beyond earth, to confirm their presence, remind you of your shared memories, and express unspoken thoughts and feelings. It is their hope, and mine, that their messages will confirm their ongoing presence in your life and allow you to feel their continued love and support.

Mediumship readings are offered in sessions of 30 or 60 minutes.  Spirit communication is impacted by a variety of factors and contact with particular persons or transmittal of specific evidence or messages cannot be guaranteed.


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