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Intuitive Mentoring 

Intuitive mentoring is particularly meaningful to me. It’s at the heart of what I feel is my calling, my passion and my purpose. It brings me great joy and clarity when I’m working as your mentor. With spiritual guidance from your higher soul, your guides and helpers, I help you answer questions like:


  • Where is my life going?

  • Why aren’t things working out as I planned?

  • Why am I stuck?


I like getting to the bottom of things. Having worked for many years as a legal and strategic business advisor, my approach is practical and methodical. I believe that we need to look at our past and the stories we tell ourselves to know where to go in the future. We have to understand the signs that are being sent to us every day and the path that is unfolding right before our eyes. We need to tap into the guidance always available to us, so that we get the results we want and deserve.

My Process

I am a spiritual mentor, grounded in deliberation. My process begins with a thorough vetting of who you are, the people in your life, your dreams and goals, as well as all the challenges and stumbles you’ve faced. 

Based on the intuitive hits I receive, I’ll guide and advise you toward  answers and solutions. I’ll help you understand your own reactions to what’s happening in the world around you. Our objective is to allow you to gain control, peace of mind, and above all, forward movement. We’ll get to the ground level of any issues, where they all started – the systemic reasons, the history, and the patterns. And then we’ll map out how to clear away the clutter and forge ahead to achieve the life you want for yourself. 


When have you felt powerful?

Was it when you were a child, or was it a different life entirely? More importantly, do you want to be able to tap into that power again?  If you haven’t felt it in the past, would you like to find it now?


When my clients talk to me about their concerns, I immediately begin feeling the reaction. I see the patterns. I channel that information from elsewhere. I hear what clients are telling me, but simultaneously, I hear what’s behind the things they’re saying. And I am getting those insights from your higher soul as well as your guides and helpers, all of whom want you to know how to tap into your power to achieve your life purpose.

Intuitive Mentoring Packages


1 month
(4 one-hour calls, one per week)

Awaken to the patterns and blocks that prevent you from living the life you want to live.



Develop the tools to move you into actions that will dramatically shift your patterns and up-level your life.


2 months 
(8 one-hour calls, one per week)


Fast forward to reach your goals. Identify where you want to take your learning and how to make the life of your dreams come true.


4 months 
(16 one-hour calls, designed per client)

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