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Speaking & Teaching

Karen is a prolific speaker and an impassioned teacher. She loves nothing more than connecting with people, inspiring them to understand and elevate their life experiences. 


Here are some of her favorite topics…

Topic 1

How to Tap Into Intuitive Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important steps in the path toward happiness, fulfillment and peace. Our ability to remain present, stay grounded, and appreciate this beautiful life depends upon our ability to feel grateful for everything we have been given and all that we have experienced.  


But blind insistence that we should always be satisfied with what we have prevents us from recognizing when we don’t yet have what we need. 

In this talk, Karen illuminates how to find a balance between gratitude for what we have and discontent with the status quo. She teaches us how to listen to our inner voice telling us that we were meant for more than this.  

When gratitude feels elusive, Karen shows us how to start with looking at why you aren’t satisfied with what you already have. It requires tuning into your intuition so that you can uncover your truth, and your guidance, to manifest what you want in life. 

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Topic 2

How to Create the Life You Desire With the Power of Your Mind

Karen believes we each pull what we want (and sadly, what we don’t want) into our experience based upon the power of our thoughts and actions. We can change our lives – everything that happens to us, all that we accomplish, even everyone we meet – merely by changing our perception of our lives.  How do we do it?


This powerful session centers around one of Karen’s favorite topics: how to access intuition and turn on the power of your mind to create a better, more fulfilling, more joyful life. In this workshop, Karen reminds us that our inner selves have all the information we need to guide us through our lives, and teaches us how to access it. The key is to be able to access that information and those insights, and then to trust it all enough to use it.  

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Topic 3

Recognizing Signs From Spirit

Karen speaks about how to recognize signs from your loved ones in spirit, and how to receive more of these signs. Her heartfelt message is that our loved ones are around us, and they want us to know they are still here for us.  By recognizing the signs they send to us, we can feel more connected and supported in our day-to-day lives. 

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Book Karen to speak at your next live or digital event. 

Karen presents workshops, training programs and seminars on a wide variety of personal development and spiritual topics.

Karen will gladly host a virtual workshop for participants via Zoom or the platform of your choice.

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