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What My Clients Say

On several occasions, Karen has given me exactly the insight needed to help me move past a serious problem or emotional hurt existing in my life. She's managed to cut right through to the heart of the matter, and has left me with insights that would have never occurred to me on my own, but that I needed to hear and consider. Her coaching has been a true gift and comfort to me. 

– Angela L.

I can't thank you enough for your guidance this morning. We run into many people in our life path and you are my benefit and gift.

– Denise W.

I have to say again, I appreciate your calm demeanor, wit and humor. You are refreshing and real. The way you've taught and guided me really put me at ease and I feel confident in my decisions.

– Sue S.




I have received a lot of readings, from a lot of mediums. And I can say without a doubt that there is no one who is as compassionate, kind, funny, matter-of-fact, and thoroughly detailed as Karen. Her connection to the spirit world - and to my spirit family - is unmatched. Her readings include details about my loved one's lives and personality that she couldn't possibly know!  And when we have a conversation with my loved ones, I know that Karen is enjoying the talk just as much as I am.  She accurately captures the essence, personality and memories of my loved ones, and delivers her messages in such a straightforward, honest way, I just hang on her every word and never want the session to end! It has helped in my healing and grief to no end. It's hard to put into words how much Karen's readings have meant to me, and I will continue to not only go to her for my own readings, but recommend her to my friends who are looking for their own healing.

– Aimee C.

Having a psychic-mediumship reading with Karen is like taking a beautiful walk down a sunny road with a departed loved one. Karen took me on a wonderful journey with my father as she shared heartfelt memories between him and me — memories in such detail that I found myself laughing (the weird looking stuffed animal he spent a fortune winning for me in Las Vegas, lol). This lovely woman also opened a door for my dad to apologize for the tearful memories that were not so sunny. Having this reading was very healing for me and, I’m sure, for my father as well. This experience with Karen and my “Pops” in spirit was a big gift to my heart because through Karen’s readings, you’re not just hearing evidence via words, you can feel the emotions and the presence of your loved one with you while Karen is talking — truly a fantastic experience. Beautiful, lovely experience. Thank you, Karen!

– Alejandria K

Karen is truly a gifted psychic and medium. I recently had a psychic reading with her and it was almost instantaneous that she was at the heart of the issue I was dealing with. She is so tuned in! I was shocked at details she was able to convey in my mediumship reading as well! Karen is humble, compassionate and accurate. A true light.

– Laurie S.

I just had to thank you again for yesterday’s amazing reading experience. I truly feel such an overwhelming peace. I can't wait to do it again. You are amazing!

– Wynde F.

In my reading with Karen, I have to say that I was amazed at her accuracy.  I am not talking about general information, but very specific facts regarding my grandparents. It was very comforting to know that my grandparents came through and Karen was able to validate their presence with amazing detail. I have always been open to messages from the other side, but was always of the opinion that if it didn’t happen to me, then I was still a doubter. Well, it happened to me, and I can say with Karen’s abilities, I am a 100% believer!

– Steve K.



The information you shared with us was heart touching. I loved that message about caring for others. Your remarks were so inspiring to me. I really appreciate the feeling I had as I left. Thank you so much for sharing with us in such an inspiring way.

– Wendy V.

Our group LOVED your program. They hung onto every word you said. People popped into my office to tell me how much they truly learned, what a great presenter you are, how much fun they had, and how they would love to have you return to present more related topics.

– Nina S

Excellent seminar today…THANK YOU for spending your time and commitment to help, Karen. I appreciate the professionalism, consideration, perspective and sense of humor in it all. Much appreciated!

​– Richard C.

I attended your event and it was very, very worthwhile. The handouts are wonderful and what more can be said about the most knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, Karen Gabler!

– Dennis C.

I thought your talk yesterday was very eye opening. Everyone that I talked with thoroughly enjoyed your presentation!

– Jim H.

I just wanted to say thank you for your informative presentation this week. You were very articulate, full of good information and funny too!

– Linda D

You did such a beautiful job today at the presentation!  Your inspiration and special touches were so calming given the emotional nature of the day. You were awesome! Thank you so much!

– Kathy V.

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