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The Unseen Therapist: Part 1, Mediumship – Insights into my Calling + Passion

We are quick to look outside ourselves for answers to the questions that lie within us. We scroll social media sites, wondering why everyone else’s lives seem so much more vibrant than ours. We try the latest diet. We read the latest self-help book. We watch reality television, holding it up as a mirror to ourselves.

The truth is, we each came here with all the answers stored inside us. We are spiritual beings, exploring a human existence. Like a new computer that comes pre-loaded with critical software, we need only activate the programming embedded within our souls to find our way back to each other and ourselves.

There are a variety of ways to connect with our inner selves, many of which can be achieved on our own. Meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature can help us to connect and clear away outside noise. These practices activate the guidance within. At times, however, our human ego drowns out the more subtle soul guidance. e second-guess our own intuitive knowledge and question whether we are “making it up”.

Intuitive coaches, mediums and psychics can provide a better understanding of when our “human” is speaking to us and when we are actually hearing from our own soul, a loved one in spirit or a source of higher knowledge. Working with an intuitive professional can jump-start our own intuition, ensuring that we look to our inner guidance systems for the answers we desire.

Accessing honest and ethical professional support requires an understanding of the intuitive process and a level of discernment as to whether the messages you are receiving are truly coming from the right place. Spiritual guidance should never reprimand, frighten, burden or limit you. Instead, intuitive messages should always serve your highest good and provide insights of love, hope and healing.


“Mark” requested a mediumship reading to connect with his loved ones in spirit. As we began the reading, I became aware of a man who felt like Mark’s father. He appeared with a tulip, holding it out to the woman next to him who identified herself as Mark’s mother. The father held out a briefcase. The mother said, “Don’t drop the baby!” They showed me a newborn child, swaddled in a yellow blanket with a brown duck. They made me aware of a family party coming up and said they intended to be there.

Mark confirmed that his parents were in spirit. He shared that his father often surprised his mother with tulips, her favorite flowers. Mark relayed that his father was an obstetrician. He carried his brown briefcase to work every day. Mark’s mother would kiss him goodbye and say, “Don’t drop the babies!” as he left the house. Mark had tears in his eyes as he relayed that his own daughter was born six months earlier; he had wondered if his parents knew she had arrived. He shook his head in disbelief as he shared that he brought his daughter home from the hospital in a yellow blanket with a duck embroidered on it.

Mark said the only thing he couldn’t place was the family party because there was no such party planned. On his way home, Mark called his sister to share his mediumship experience. She told him she was glad he called, because she was talking with her husband about planning a family reunion that summer and wanted to tell Mark about her plans. Stunned, Mark laughed as he told her that their parents were planning to attend the party.

When our loved ones pass to spirit, they are truly only a thought away. Spirits communicate energetically, impressing thoughts, feelings and images upon the medium. A medium is a translator, turning vibrational communication from discarnate spirits into information recognizable to the client. Some mediums describe it as translating a spoken language. if your family member spoke a different language, wouldn’t it make sense to find a translator to facilitate your conversation?

Our loved ones want us to know that they are still around us. We may wonder if they are still in pain, or whether they suffered in their transition. We may want to know what they see of our lives after they are gone. Understanding that a loved one is safe and happy can relieve our concerns, and learning that they are still present in our lives can make us feel less alone.

Mediumship also may provide much-needed healing. If we have experienced painful relationships with others, their death may deny us satisfactory closure. Whether or not we are ready to forgive those who wronged us in life, their acknowledgement of their behavior can release us to move forward. Recognizing that our loved ones can communicate with us also can begin to answer our questions about what will happen to us when we leave this earth.

To have the best mediumistic experience, invite your loved ones to the session. Consider bringing relevant photos, jewelry or other items with you. You may hope to hear from a particular person or receive a specific message, but remain open to anyone and anything that comes through. There are many reasons why a particular person may not appear: energetic communication is a skill on both sides and some spirits are more apt to step forward than others, especially if they did so in life. Your loved one may not resonate with this particular medium, or the medium may more easily recognize personalities that feel familiar to them. t is never because a spirit doesn’t want to talk to you, nor have you done anything wrong.

You should never be asked (nor should you volunteer) to provide detailed factual information to the medium; this may cause you to question whether it was “real”. Recognize that mediums are human, and may misinterpret information. Like a spiritual game of “telephone,” the message conveyed may not be quite what the spirit intended. When you verify accurate information and reject incorrect information, the medium can ask the spirit for help to correct any misstatements.

Most of all, remember that your loved ones will not tell you what to do, nor will they reprimand or argue with you. They retain the same personality they exhibited in life, but will typically demonstrate a greater understanding of themselves and others (or acknowledge that they are working on it). Mediumship readings should provide a connection with your loved ones and a healing opportunity. Work only with mediums who are open and honest about the process, operate from a place of service rather than ego, and demonstrate love and respect for the spirit world.

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