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The Unseen Therapist: Part 2, Soul Readings – Insights into my Calling + Passion

“Laurie” entered the room with a look of despair. Her marriage was faltering. She relayed that while working with a life coach, she had discussed her husband’s seeming disinterest in her or their lives together. Her coach encouraged her to find strength within herself and move on to begin a new life without him.

As I connected with her, I received the clear message that there was a great deal of love remaining in her marriage. I could feel that she and her husband stood silently together, but each looked outward at the world rather than toward each other. In this vision, I could see them turn toward each other, join hands and step outside to face the world together. I received multiple messages about where they had veered off track and how they could reconnect.

Laurie broke down in tears. She said, “I felt so awful when my coach told me that my marriage was over…I really didn’t want to be done, but she told me that I was hanging on to the past.” I shared that she and her husband may have lost their way, but there was more to explore before giving up. They had forgotten to have fun together, and needed to revisit some of the activities they used to enjoy as a couple before starting a family. I became aware of the weekend trips they had taken and their shared love of the theater. I could also feel that Laurie’s husband had even less confidence in their relationship than she did, and I let her know that it might take more than one attempt to encourage him to explore their relationship once again.

Laurie later contacted me to let me know that she had acted on the guidance she received in her reading, and that she and her husband were taking tentative steps toward each other once again. While they weren’t completely “out of the woods,” she knew that whether or not it worked out, she would feel confident that they had given their relationship everything they could, and everything it deserved.

In our day-to-day lives, we forget why we are here, what we are meant to do, and who we really are. Although we receive a constant stream of intuitive “hits,” we may fail to notice or accept that information. A psychic reading can access what your soul wants your “human” to know about your life path. It can reconnect you to yourself in a profound way, allowing you to recognize and trust the information you have been receiving all along. When your soul communicates with you, it does so with love, support and a desire for your highest and best good.

Psychics are not fortune-tellers and cannot predict the future. We have free will and our future changes from minute to minute based upon the myriad of choices we make each day. Our lives are like a tree with many branches. A prediction is a snapshot in time: this is what could happen if absolutely nothing changes for you after the reading. Naturally, this is impossible. When we move in a new direction, we flutter to another branch on our tree. New branches sprout all the time, and the possibilities that lie before us are endless.

To experience the best possible psychic reading, set your intention to receive guidance for your highest and best good. Jot down any questions; you may find that your questions are answered during the reading without even asking. Disregard any message that makes you feel insecure, frightened, sad or upset in any way, while remaining open to information you may not have considered before. Again, work with an intuitive professional who comes from a place of service rather than ego, and who treats both your human self and your soul self with the utmost respect.

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