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The Unseen Therapist: Part 3, Intuitive Mentoring – Insights into my Calling +Passion

“Victoria” was invited to speak at a conference in Denver. Her participation would include national publication of her photos and participation in radio interviews. She knew this would be a giant step forward in her career, and told herself to feel grateful for the opportunity. And yet, something inside her was ringing alarm bells: she just knew that this could be a serious mistake.

Victoria reached out for a coaching session to better understand whether she should listen to her intuition and skip the conference, or whether she was blocking her own success with irrational fears. We discussed her hesitations In connecting with her guides and helpers in spirit, I became aware that her fears were connected to her mother, and we began exploring early messages she might have received about shining in the world.

After initially questioning why I would bring up her mother in a conversation about the conference, Victoria recalled that her mother was attacked by a man masquerading as a business client when Victoria was a young girl. In recovering from this painful incident, Victoria’s mother admonished her five-year-old daughter that safety required protecting yourself and your identity. Exposing your name and photo to the world would put you at risk, and playing on a national stage would be inviting tragedy. As this information came up, Victoria expressed shock, exclaiming, “I didn’t even remember that we ever talked about that. She never wanted to discuss it; it never occurred to me that I carried it with me.”

By combining intuitive guidance with Victoria’s memories, we were able to separate Victoria’s limiting beliefs, received from a well-intentioned parent at a tender age, from the reality of the conference opportunity. Receiving intuitive guidance about what to ask and how to help her in our session allowed the coaching process to move forward quickly; we rapidly accessed information that Victoria would not have considered without gentle prodding from a higher source. Victoria enthusiastically accepted the conference invitation, requesting reasonable limits around her published information. She contacted me later to share that the conference was an exceptional success, resulting in new clients and speaking opportunities and increased confidence in herself.

It is common for our personal stories and limiting beliefs to interfere with our life path, often without our awareness that it is occurring. Even when we know that we feel blocked, we may not know why. Our success depends upon reframing those stories and clearing those blocks. Intuitive coaching can streamline the process of doing so by accessing not only the information provided (directly or indirectly) by the client, but also through other intuitive sources.

We come here with spiritual guides to support us on our path. We all have equal access to higher knowledge and support obtained through a variety of sources, including teachers, healers, ascended masters, angels and archangels, God (as defined by each of us) and the universe itself. They provide constant information and support, accessible to us at any time. They also course-correct when we veer off our path, gently steering us back to our true life purpose.

An intuitive coach is a mirror, guiding you to know and do what you came here knowing how to do, but have forgotten along the way. An intuitive coach teaches you to access and trust your own intuition and universal guidance, allowing you to identify the blocks that prevent you from achieving your life purpose and understanding the steps necessary to progress. Intuitive coaching brings your innate needs, desires and purpose to the surface, and clears away anything that limits you in living your highest and best life.

Although we carry all that we need within us, and can connect to our souls, guides, helpers and loved ones in spirit at any time, we have been taught to distrust the unseen. In doing so, we dim our own lights and detach from our true selves. An intuitive mentor and psychic medium can guide us to build that bridge for ourselves once again, to fulfill the purpose of our human experience and allow us to live fully vibrant, meaningful and soul-centered lives.

As Lao Tzu said, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

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